Someone's Listening now at Dymocks

I stepped into the Dymocks George Street store in Sydney today and was thrilled to see 'Someone's Listening' was pride of place on their shelf . The journey to this point has been a time coming and I must give a ‘big shout out’ to Dymocks for stocking my book. As an author it is heart warming to have such a prestigious bookstore ‘give it the thumbs up’ …A very proud moment and cause for a little dance..


Interview SBS Radio

The official launch of, Someone's Listening, has not been decided but within the next fortnight is a good guess. Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to an interview with, Diana Koprinkova at SBS Radio. The interview will go to air on the 29th June at 7-8pm. It is my first book interview and I feel my writer's journey is now entering a new stage. Though in some way I also feel a little loss that the pages have run out and the fun side of conjuring up the next chapter is no longer… well not for this book anyway. Though I must say it did spur me on to tickle the keyboard once again and start another manuscript. I’m not sure where it will take me. Then again I can say that about, Someone’s Listening, for it too was a revelation. In writing it, I journeyed to the other side of the world, to a country I knew little about, Bulgaria, and met the most interesting people that in a normal day I would surely have missed.

Often it’s muted that one should write about what one knows but I find it’s more fun to begin writing about something you may not know. In doing this, the world opens up an exciting challenge to explore new territories and untrodden paths.