Offline, Flatline, Online.

My online book launch has gone off like a half a bottle of champagne...One minute effervescent bubbles next day hardly a fizz. July 10th I raised and clinked my glass of 'cheer' and took a substantial gulp. This was my BIG DAY...the day that put a close to chapters and word counts and saw folks grab a copy to snuggle down with my Cold War epic.  But the drama was yet to unfold! I was soon to learn stopped shipping to Australia on the 1st of July. All the careful planning was stymied at the starting post. I pushed aside the champagne, took a deep breath and uploaded on Next morning I switched on the computer and 'Voila' my book 'Someone's Listening' was back up and available to Australia. BUT..wait a minute... Amazon had adjusted the price, skyrocketing it from $22.95 to a whopping $30.42 for the paperback!
So humble apologies to all those Aussies scrambling for a copy. I have since managed to get the price back down by a few dollars but it is yet to come down to my set price of $22.95.  
Be rest assured I'm working on it.
Stay tuned.