Passing the daffodils

   Through life most of us dread the thought of getting old and yet old age appears to bring a peacefulness, a calmness, a bigger picture, a cast–away of all the trivial things that once annoyed us.  As I sat at the dinner table last week with mum and the three other ladies I noticed there was not a lot of conversation and yet they all had this bond of longevity and an understanding that only old eyes can see. Each had experienced love, children, loss and aloneness. The whole bucket of life’s experiences. But they were gentle, loving, caring people.
   Visiting the rest home I came to realise that my mother had many friends be it the cleaners, the maintenance man, the nurses, and all the staff at Northbridge that served her.  They cared and loved my mother very much and she cared and loved them back.
 On my visits I pushed her in the wheelchair through the village gardens then up the road to the coffee shop for a brownie and a flat white. And no matter how many times we passed the daffodils, we’d stop and she’d point out and comment “Oh how lovely, they’re my favourite." On Tuesday we passed the 'daffs' three times and three times she got as much joy from seeing the yellow display as the first. In this there’s a lesson, which I take away from my mother.
   No matter how old you are you can learn to embrace friendship, don’t sweat the small stuff but take joy from the simple things in life be it over and over again. Material things are great but love and kindness is the fuel for the heart.

Offline, Flatline, Online.

My online book launch has gone off like a half a bottle of champagne...One minute effervescent bubbles next day hardly a fizz. July 10th I raised and clinked my glass of 'cheer' and took a substantial gulp. This was my BIG DAY...the day that put a close to chapters and word counts and saw folks grab a copy to snuggle down with my Cold War epic.  But the drama was yet to unfold! I was soon to learn stopped shipping to Australia on the 1st of July. All the careful planning was stymied at the starting post. I pushed aside the champagne, took a deep breath and uploaded on Next morning I switched on the computer and 'Voila' my book 'Someone's Listening' was back up and available to Australia. BUT..wait a minute... Amazon had adjusted the price, skyrocketing it from $22.95 to a whopping $30.42 for the paperback!
So humble apologies to all those Aussies scrambling for a copy. I have since managed to get the price back down by a few dollars but it is yet to come down to my set price of $22.95.  
Be rest assured I'm working on it.
Stay tuned.

Launch Day

It's hard to believe this day has arrived and all my anti-social days are over. Now I take a deep breath, dust off the celebratory hat and kick up the heels. My novel, Someone's Listening is done! Those times locked away tapping the keyboard,  plumping out chapters and conjuring outcomes has pushed me into the ranks of published author.  It's up on ENJOY!

Exciting times

Hello to all my readers. 
This is an exciting time for me as Someone's Listening is set to launch in the coming weeks. 
Never could I have imagined when starting this epic tale that it would see me travel to Bulgaria, immerse myself in the history of a country I knew little about and be introduced to so many fascinating and extraordinary people. This book has been my friend, my foe, the cause of writer's angst, the place I retreated to when heartbreak struck, but above all a source of growth and enlightenment. And to all my friends who have put up with my constant chatter about chapters, I send my heartfelt thanks. Your belief in me had spurred me on. So here I am standing on the launch pad, making sure it's polished and sparkly for all to enjoy. Stay tuned for 'blast off' date!