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 Against the backdrop of the Cold War comes a gripping, deeply moving story. 

Lidia is a wilful young girl with an enquiring mind, but her world is about to be torn apart. Was it something she said? Something she heard? Or was it her father’s dogged resistance to join the Communist Party that devastates her tightly-knit family. 

It’s a chilly morning in Sofia, Bulgaria, and twelve-year-old Lidia stands in the hall of her family’s apartment and waves goodbye to her father. But that morning, he disappears off the street, and by the end of the day her remaining family is forcibly removed from their home. In the darkest of times they must pick up the pieces and survive. 

Banished to a remote northern village, Lidia is forced to work in the fields. Hope for her future is all but lost until a young farm hand befriends her. He lives by his wits and dreams bigger than Lidia dares to consider. All too soon he awakens feelings she has never had, and in the early days of a passionate encounter he convinces her to run to freedom. But freedom comes at a cost...